Jan Willms

Was born in Amstenrade (Southern province of Limburg, The Netherlands) in 1948

From 1966 till 1971 he was a student at the art academy of Tilburg, to optain a degree as an art teacher in subject drawing and craftwork. Later on he joined the art academy in Maastricht where he was a participant in the course for publicity and graphic design.

From 1986 he has been active as a contemporary artist using painting and drawing techniques. During the past years his work demonstrates a visible evolution from naturalistic style via a process of abstraction into wholly abstract forms.

His recent work can be regarded as abstract art investigating aspects of color. The importance of this includes the feeling that evolves due to the contrasts and nuances. Most of his work has been executed on paper, linen or cotton.

His work has been appreciated and bought by costumers from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. A selection of Jan Willms' art works can be seen in different artgalleries in The Netherlands.

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